Johnny Jackson Sheath with Tan Leather and Leather Braid

This right handed, Horizontal 4" long, 2" wide, weighing 1.oz. Natural tan leather with tan leather braiding. This is a heavy duty sheath will hold a single balde Trapper style knife. The knife in this picture is a Northfield Scout Trapper, 3 7/8" in length. This custom sheath was hand made by, Johnny Jackson of Alice, Texas. Leather made in U.S.A. * The sheath in is picture is the same sheath you will receive. **If you have a knife that you would like to try, sent us message. We will try to match your knife style with the sheath, or possibly one like that.

Johnny Jackson ns14
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  • Item #: J. Jackson ns14
  • Manufacturer: J. Jackson Leather
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