J.Marttiini Bowie

9 1/2" overall. Bowie blade, 420 stainless steel. With a black textured Kraton handle and a cast metal finger guard. Each comes with a black leather belt sheath. Made in Finland. The blades are made from a special stainless chrome steel. Many tests and developing work have been done until the right combination of chrome and the other materials have been founded. The tempering at just the right temperature - determined from Janne Marttiini’s developing work - ensures the durable and strong blade. The composition of the materials (containing 13% of chrome) tempered to 54-56 on the Rockwell hardness scale (HRC) is the best combination for knife blade. The 13% of chrome assures the steel to be durable, absolutely stainless and saltwater resistance (even acid resistance). The hardness under 54 HRC is too low for knife blade, a softer blade is definitely easier to sharpen, but the sharpness will be not a long-lasting and the edge of the blade is too flexible for harder use. If the hardness is over 56 HRC, the blade is certainly hard and retain an edge, but will break more easily. The sharpening is then even impossible without the sharpening wheel.
J.Marttiini Bowie
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  • Item #: MN017 Bowie
  • Manufacturer: J.Marttiini
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